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” only 19% supported just the ‘safe sex’ message currently being taught in schools, with one in three (34%) wanting ‘values, abstinence, and consequences such as pregnancy’ taught instead, and a further 42% asking for a combination of both – especially amongst older teens.

The support for just the ‘safe sex’ message dropped even lower for the older teens.

They were also given a leaflet featuring graphic pictures, terms including “c*ck” and “w*nk”, and advice on the best condoms.In handing down its decision, the State Administrative Tribunal of WA noted that he either knew or ought to have known the criminal history he was concealing involved "alleged conduct that was likely to raise concerns about the safety of minor of female patients" and "likely to bring the profession of medicine into disrepute".The case has raised serious questions about background checks for foreign doctors and why authorities took so long to act.7.30 has obtained documents showing AHPRA was aware of the issue in March 2013 but renewed his registration two months later and he continued to practice for another two years.During that time, he submitted four separate applications to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) denying his criminal history.The Medical Board of Australia has now successfully had Dr Taylor's registration cancelled and disqualified him from applying for medical registration for two years.

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